Notifications for finished process doesn't work


I am running my python process on a docker I configured in PyCharm, and trying to enable the notifications for process exit.

In Preferences> App & behavior> Notifications I ticked both "display balloon notifications" and "enable system notifications",

and selected sticky balloon for "execution" group.

When I run my code and move to a different app I do not see the notification at all.

any help?

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Hi Nitzan, only tests show system notifications currently. I created two tickets in PyCharm's bug tracker based on your report:

  • PY-39868 Show system notification not only for tests
  • PY-39869 "Execution" notification settings doesn't do much while running Python scripts
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Thanks for creating the tickets and for the useful information. I guess also the documentation was a little deceiving, since it doesn't specify that it works only for tests.



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