Anyone using Logitech MX keyboard and mouse?


I use the ultimate version of IDEA (work license and personal license) for most of the day.  Am thinking about replacing my current mouse and keyboard with logitech's new Master Series keyboard and mouse.  I already have an older MX Master 2 mouse which I really like, but was wondering if anyone uses the new keyboard.  I actually use the keyboard for both my macbook pro for coding on 2nd job AND when I remote (MS Remote Desktop) to my fulltime job's windows laptop. 

So I would use the keyboard for both mac and windows.  

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Hello Bill,

Do you ask about usability or compatibility?

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I'm mainly interested in usability, specifically comfort, feel of the keys and how easy to move between windows and mac if anyone else does that.   

I'm guessing compatibility is good from an OS standpoint.  I am interested in how people are using the programmable aspect of the keyboard/mouse with IDEA.


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