Getting Cypress IntelliSense working

I'm trying to get Cypress IntelliSense working with Webstorm.  Regular auto-complete does work with Cypress for me, but not the detailed Cypress IntelliSense.  That is, this is working:

but this (a screenshot from VSCode) does not:

I have the "types" and the "include" in my tsconfig.json, which is what I've read as required in various posts:

"compilerOptions": {
"strict": true,
"baseUrl": "../node_modules",
"target": "es6",
"sourceMap": true,
"allowSyntheticDefaultImports": true,
"lib": [
"types": [
"include": [
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Ctrl+hover shows the function definition:


Ctrl+Q will show documentation:


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The function definitions come up as I type, no key press is needed.  I'm on a Mac.  Ctrl+Q does nothing, Cmd+Q quits the application. 

In general, I would expect Cypress hints to come up automatically, instead of function definitions, the way it works in other IDEs

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>I'm on a Mac. Ctrl+Q does nothing, Cmd+Q quits the application. 

see what shortcut is assigned to View | Quick Documentation main menu


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Ok, I did, it's actuall Ctrl+J.  However, it doesn't work as expected.  For one thing, I expect it to show up as auto-complete, similar to JS intelliSense.  But even aside from that, if I press Ctrl+J after a dot, it does show Cypress doc:

But it shows nothing inside a method:

I expect the Cypress doc to show up instead of the regular JS doc.  So there is definitely something wrong here.

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Just put the cursor on find() to see its documentation

BTW, you can enable Show quick documentation on mouse move in Preferences | Editor | General to show quick documentation for the symbol at caret. 

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Moving the cursor is not feasible while one is typing, and switching between keyboard and the mouse will slow down coding.  Playing around with the intellisense I found out that if I press Ctrl+J inside the parentheses in "should()" I do get the Cypress popup, but I cannot type while it's up.  I need to dismiss the IntelliSense popup in order to type anything, which defeats the purpose of auto-completion.  And even after I dismiss the popup, I get no help on assertions themselves.  That is, if I type "should('be." and press the shortcut, I expect to see a list of available assertions ("checked", "visible", etc.), but get "No documentation" instead.


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