Debug/run iMessage extension

Xcode 11.2.1

Appcode 2019.3

I have an iMessage extension that will debug/run fine in Xcode but when I try from Appcode it does nothing.  It doesn't start a build or anything.  No messages displayed either.

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Aleksandr Liublinskii
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Hi Paul,

Thanks for reporting the problem, I've created ticket for this case OC-19464.

As a temporal workaround I can recommend to set in extension's target Info.plist "Bundle OS Type code" (or "CFBundlePackageType") from current value (likely '$(PRODUCT_BUNDLE_PACKAGE_TYPE)') to XPC!. This should enable building and starting the scheme. Please let us know if that helps.

Keep in mind, that there is also a known problem with opening iMessage extension automatically in Messages app on debug session start, so you'll need to select it manually and then debug session will be started (see OC-18747).

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