Visibility of scrach files only per project

Is there some way to create scratch files that would be available only for project in which the file was created?

I work on 8-9 projects at the same time. Right now I've got ca. 50 scratch files and most of them are rest api http requests. Basically I don't see any benefit from possibility to access all the files I've created regardless of the project I'm in and at the moment there is a small mess with all these files.

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It was decided to keep scratch files available globally: 

> I work on 8-9 projects at the same time.

You can create folders in Scratches and organize them this way:

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I will probably do that. My main problem with scratch files was that I used Rest Client which converts http requests to scratch http format, creating each time new file. Which would be ok if other projects wouldn't be able to see such files.

All in all thanks for advice.


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