Is it possible to abbreviate the tab title?

I've grown to love DataGrip - it is the most powerful SQL development environment I've found to date. There is currently just one criticism I have of it - the title it puts on tabs! They are simply too long - it insists on appending the database identifier to the table name.... I'm working with a postgres database in the AWS RDS Cloud and my tabs have titles like "gn_live.public.order [PostgreSQL -]"  - on my screen there is only room to display one tab properly and I have to pull down the "pizza box" button to the right of the tab bar to get to the other windows.

If I deselect the option "Hide tabs if there is no space", then the tab titles do get abbreviated, but it still prepends the database name and schema, so I just get a line of tabs all entitled "gn_live.publ". Could we have an option to just display the table name? I know that there will be occasions when we are doing a job that spans multiple databases and schemas, but that is relatively unusual and, in most cases, it's the table name that is the most important thing.

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