Create test option not present



I am working on a classic ruby project using rspec.

when I am in a file with a test file associated with it using Ctrl + Shift+ t send me to the test. So the link between files and tests is working.

But when I am in a file without test, if if use Ctrl + Shift+ t I just get this message


But no options to generate test. So I have to go and create the test manually.

If I read the documentation :

  1. From the main menu, select Navigate | Test or press Ctrl+Shift+T.

  2. If the corresponding test doesn't exist, the Generate Test popup appears. Select the required testing framework and press Enter.

A popup should appear, Rspec is installed and working.

What am I missing ? 

Is there an option I need to activate to be able to create tests from files ?




Hello Luc,

at the moment it's not supported, but this feature will be implemented in 2020.1:


This option is now present. Maybe you can close this


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