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Using RubyMine 2019.3 on MacOS

I have noticed that rubymine now provides some rudimentary syntax highlighting and formatting for files named 'Jenkinsfile'.  While it doesn't provide full GDSL style autocomplete etc., it is really useful. 

I have a few other Jenkins pipeline files that I want to extend these capabilities to: 'Jenkinsfile.production' '' etc.  However, RubyMine treats these as simple txt files. I can't find anything that controls the 'Jenkins Pipeline' file association.  "Preferences > Editor > File Types" doesn't include any file type mapping for 'Jenkinsfile'.

I confirmed this behavior with an install of RubyMine 2019.3 with all downloaded plugins disabled.  Furthermore, I was able to verify that this behavior was seen as far back as 2019.2.3 but was not present in 2019.1.1.  I haven't seen any mention of it in RubyMine release notes either.  I have no idea when it was introduced.

Am i going insane here? Does anyone know how i can extend this highlighting support to a more expansive set of Jenkins pipeline files?

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Jenkinsfile syntax highlighting is provided via TextMate bundles. As for full support, please vote for the corresponding feature request:


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