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Let's say I have for example completed the class BuyManager, now I'd like to tag it (change the file's color to green for example), so I don't open it again afterwards. Is there anyway to do that? Are there any plugins that would allow me to do that? Thanks ;)





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You can do it in the File > Settings > Appearance & Behavior > File Colors settings window.

  • Click 'Manage Scopes' at the bottom right corner and add ('+') a new custom scope of affected items.

  • Navigate to your class file and click 'Include' to add it to the scope. You can as well choose several classes or the whole package. Hit 'OK' to save changes.

  • In the 'Local colors' table, click '+' to add a new scope. Select your custom scope from the dropdown and assign a color to it.

  • You can also choose whether you want corresponding editor tab to be highlighted with the same color. Just check or clear the box 'Use in Editor Tabs'.

  • Hit 'OK' and observe how the file is now highlighted in the Project View.


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