validate remote environment: debug protocol ''


PHPStorm 2019.3

PHP 7.4.1

XDebug 2.9.0

I am trying to configure debug in PhpStorm in the guide in xdebug website. I am in validate remote environment step and with a message "Debug protocol '' is not supported"  the message is clear, fine but what is it ?

XDebug 2.9.0 don't support

string xdebug.remote_handler = dbgp

Available in Xdebug < 2.9


Hi there,

You can ignore that validation point (as that parameter has been removed in Xdebug 2.9).

In any case: the whole validation thingy is for your info only (for information purposes) -- it does not affect the actual debugging in any way (I mean -- it may say that this param is not configured as expected but it may still work just fine)


No, we can not just ignore the process of validation, because when you click "Validate" and the message "Debug protocol is not supported" appears, the only way that you can close that window is to hit "Cancel", and cancelling the process, doesn't save anything.

We need an "OK" button, or "Ignore" or something.


This bug was fixed in 2020.1.4. Besides that, pressing Cancel is the only way out from this dialog either way, even without the bug, it's not supposed to save anything.


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