How does my use of DataGrip affects a DBA's ability to do his/her job?


My boss has said that the company DBA has asked me to stop using DataGrip to connect to the databases (Sql Server.) No reason was given, and asking why in an email has been met with no response. So my question to the community, for discussion, is this. How does my use of DataGrip have a negative impact a DBA's ability to do his or her job? What does DG do, or how does it behave, differently from SSMS where a DBA would notice and care that it is DG being employed? What does my use of DG interfere with a DBA's function?


I've run into this before. Not with Datagrip specifically but with database tools. What happens is that the tools start scanning the databases, this shows up in the DBA's monitoring tools/logs and pisses them off. So they tell you to stop what you're doing. That's the usual issue.

It's possible (but unlikely) that they see query patterns coming from the tool that they don't like, e.g., automatic param settings or whatever. I believe with Datagrid you can see _exactly_ what's being sent, so you can check whether it's an issue.

Finally, it's possible that you're doing ad-hoc queries that the DBA doesn't like. In which case the DBA will be annoyed no matter what ad-hoc tool you use.


Thanks for the reply. You #1 issue, and something I was neglecting was the issue. Yep. Updating schemas scans the db, but they all do it. DG does it adhoc and caches the result. SSMS does it on the fly, making you wait many times.

The other was me. I was using DG to update data on our test server...changing values in the grid. It appears that updating the db was putting a lock on a log and some other table. This was likely the result of me not committing the transaction properly.

Anywho, it's a Microsoft shop. It's equally likely the dba does not like to see anything outside of MS hitting his servers. That would be considered an untested tool.

Happy New Year, everybody.


don v nielsen,

Yes, DataGrip makes queries in behind to get metadata for completion. You can see queries in database log:



Additionally, you can remove applicationName parameter from your data source advanced tab






Or replace DataGrip with whatever tool the DBA uses. :-) Toad, perhaps?


Thanks @Vasily, etal. Let's put this to rest. I'm going to continue using DG until I get a really good explanation as to why not. 

@Charles, this is an MS stack, so it is is SSMS. It's not the most intuitive or efficient product. If I would dedicate myself to it, 
I would probably whine less. But it is really cumbersome, in my opinion.

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