AppCode + IdeaVim: Autocomplete issues

I just downloaded AppCode to check it out as I explore ways of writing Swift code and have VIM bindings.

I'm not sure if I'm just doing something completely wrong but I'm finding the inserted autocompleted code with placeholders to cause issues with the VIM plugin.

With the following line of code, I can type "Array(" and get the autocomplete options that I want. Once I choose the "repeating, count" option, the cursor is placed at the first placeholder ("Element") but I'm not longer in insert mode. This obviously interrupts the flow of typing/coding.

If I hit "i" to go into Insert mode, it doesn't seem to work and I'm in some strange state. This also applies if I don't fill out the placeholder and come back later to try to fill it out.

It seems like the best course of action is to hit "c" to "change" the selection (deletes the selection (the placeholder), and put me in Insert mode. Then I can type, hit tab to jump to the next placeholder and hit "c" again. I'm not sure that is really a practical workaround though.


Are there ways that this interaction can be improved?






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Hi! After executing autocompletion, IdeaVim enters visual mode, so you have to press `c` to enter insert mode. If you like to change this behavior, you can check this wiki:
But in any case, since AppCode uses a bit different approach for autocompletion, we'll update IdeaVim to support AppCode better.

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