Right test case class for plugin (UsefulTestCase type or other)




I'm working on the plugin which works with Maven and Gradle dependencies. Our plugin loads dependencies and processes them. 


I need to write test cases for this plugin. In IntelliJ sources, I found a lot of different types of test cases. From the documentation, it seems UsefulTestCase is basic test, but also I found ParsingTestCase and others.


Could anyone help figure out which type is better to use and provide a simple example? 


For the first version, it will be enough for the plugin to simply run in the test.


Best regards,


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It really depends on what you need at runtime/available in your test environment. Maybe http://www.jetbrains.org/intellij/sdk/docs/basics/testing_plugins/tests_and_fixtures.html and following pages clarifies a bit?

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Thank you, Yann!


In my case, I used UsefulTestCase with additional modifications for Maven support.


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