How the create java proxy class from wsdl in intellij


I am using IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3.1 (Community Edition) Build #IC-193.5662.53, built on December 18, 2019

I have a java console application. I am trying to create java proxy classes from wsdl but can't find any option.


and but i can't find any option

Please let me know what i need to do


This functionality is available in IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate edition only.


This seems a basic functionality :(

I suggest it should be a part of community edition as well



This action requires Web Services integration which is available only in Ultimate IDE edition.


And how do you do it with Intellij Ultimate? I m searching for it but i cannot find it whereas it is super easy with eclipse


Antoni Baran

This is caused by the fact that we have reworked the "Create Java EE project with Web Application integration" screen one month ago: and the documentation page with these changes is not ready yet.

However, there is a video that shows the changes:, so please feel free to check how to create JAVA EE (aka Jakarta EE) project. 


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