GoLand - How to disable the whole learning stuff?

When starting GoLand a tutorial section is visible. And in every project the register card "learn" is available and needs to be manually removed.

Is there a possibility to disable this whole "learning stuff"?

Thanks in advance.


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Before you disable this feature, we'd like to know why you want to do this? Have you finished the lesson? Any feedback for it? Have you discovered any new functionality of the IDE?

As for how to disable it, go to Settings/Preferences | Plugins | Installed and disable the `IDE Features Trainer` plugin. Restart the IDE and that's it.

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Hi Florin

Thank you for your fast reply.

I looked through them and they are nice, but I'm already quite experienced with Go as well as with JetBrains IDEs, so I just don't need them. It occasionally happened to me that I opened one of those instead of my projects by accident because I've got my routines with other IDEs like CLion and AppCode where they don't appear by default.

That's just my personal reason why I wanted to disable them...

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I think the learning module is just great. I thought it was a very welcome addition. I personally learned the ^Shift (twice) keyboard shortcut for "method-like function invocation"! 

If it bothers you, can simply open a project from the "Projects" menu of your Welcome screen. The learning modules are nicely tucked under "Tutorials" and when your project is opened, they are silently available under the "Learn" Tool Window. 


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