Incorrect warning and suggestion in datagrip.


DataGrip with postgreSQL this SQL:

select "resultA", "resultB"
from jsonb_to_recordset('{
"success": true,
"results": [
{"resultA": 1, "resultB": 2},
{"resultA": 3, "resultB": 4}
]}'::jsonb -> 'results') as x(
"resultA" int,
"resultB" int);


Produces a warning:

The alias can not have a type
Inspection info: Select from dblink or function that returns record require typed alias list. Scalar functions do not require alias and forbid typed alias lists completely.

It's coming from:

postgres: Select from procedure call

inspection, however it is not the same thing. Is there a way to fix this in preferences or alike? Or should I accept this as a bug and live with it? 

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