Export debug configurations and interpreters - Issue with editing zip content

My goal is to allow team members to export their interpreter and debug configurations so that other members could import them.

The current import/export settings has a few issues for me:

  1. Some of the path are not relative to the repository - this could be manually fixed using $USER_HOME$ where needed
  2. There is no way to merge different members export into a single file
  3. There also seems to be some cache references - but those could probably be deleted manually

What I tried to do to mitigate both of these issues is to manually edit the zip content, mainly the jdk.table.xml .

I found out that even after I don't edit any of the files, and I just unzip and rezip the folder - I can't import the rezipped zip file.

I tried this both of Mac and on Windows. 


How would it be possible to rezip the edited files ? 

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