Docker exec flags support


Webstorm 2019.3, Mac OS 10.14.6, Docker plugin latest

If i right-click on a container in the Docker panel and choose "Exec --> Create..." there appears to be no way to add flags to the command I enter. For example in the command line I would use "Docker exec -it my-container sh" while in the plugin interface, there's no way to flag "-it"

Am I mistaken or WS missing this?





Serge Baranov That issue is related but not the same. That one refers to run config option for containers while I'm referring to executing commands in an already running container (see screenshots showing the 3 steps to get to this dialog).



This is definitely a viable request to support all of the exec options here, but specifically these 2 options should always be passed to the docker engine exec endpoint.

This can be easily checked by executing `/bin/bash`, if you believe that it does not work for some specific command, please provide more details, preferably in the new Youtrack ticket. 





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