This happens in Svelte as well and its kind of annoying. I've tried everything to suppress this warning including disabling the HTML boolean inspection check.



What file is it? WebStorm reports no errors for data- attributes:


Please hover over the highlighted attribute and hit Alt+Enter - what actions are shown? please attach a screenshot


Thanks for the reply Elena.

Your question put me in the right track and I've found a solution: Settings > Editor > Inspections > Unknown HTML boolean tag attribute > add data-nosnippet to the custom list:

For information, to answer your question the suggested actions were to "Add attribute value" and to "Remove attribute".


Jetbrains seems to be ignoring this issue for a long time. Having to tolerate warnings like that defeats the purpose of trusting the warnings in the first place. For teams striving for code quality, this is not a small issue (even if people are not being as vocal about it as they should).

At the end of the day, investments made towards code quality are super important. I hope they will eventually do the right thing here.


Man, how I hate JetBrains for things such this! It has been YEARS and they simple don't care to give us an option to disable this fuc#*&% warning!!!


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