Can't move Pycharm window in Windows 10

Pycharms position (main window) is stuck on the screen after starting it up.

I can't move the window by dragging it with the mouse, Only with Alt+Space and then 'move'.

I can increase and decrease its width but also not its height


If I delete my configuration in C:\Users\<username>\.PyCharm2019.2

and restart I can move the window.


But I do not want to delete my settings and plug ins, so I restored the config folder.

I already tried to delete only window.manager.xml in config/options but that did not fix it.


Is there a way to fix this while keeping my plug ins and editor/vcs/datavse... settings?

(eg. deleting only config files that are related to window size/position/moving)

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It worth trying export settings (  rename the config folder, start the IDE with default settings and import the configuration. 




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That worked for me, thanks.


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