How to build Intellij ce with plugin



I have a plugin which works with intellij ce. I follow the plugin deployment steps in the documentation, launch intellij ce and install the plugin jar from disk. I've also managed to build intellij community edition from source code and now I want to build intellij ce from source code, with my plugin already installed. I currently have my plugin project's root folder in the "/plugins" directory, however it doesn't work. The plugin.xml file is present, how do I make it so intellij ce will build with my plugin installed?


In community/build/groovy/org/jetbrains/intellij/build/IdeaCommunityProperties.groovy add your plugin in line where it defines bundled plugins

productLayout.bundledPluginModules = BUNDLED_PLUGIN_MODULES

There are also plans to make this easier by defining "bundles" (Base IDE + set of plugins), please watch



Awesome, this works. Thanks a lot


Hey, so I'm working with this again and trying to understand how it works exactly.

In the BaseIdeaProperties.groovy file (where BUNDLED_PLUGIN_MODULES list is defined) if I remove "intellij.ant", for example, from the bundled plugins list and rebuild the project, the ant plugin is still present. Is there something I'm missing with this?


Ok I think I get it now.

For anyone googling, I had to add the module as a dependency to module.


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