code completion issue (limit?, collapsing when typing)





I somewhere read that the Intellij code completion has a limited size of lookupelements which get displayed (i think 500?). But i cant find this post anymore. It also mentioned the possibility to change that value. Does Anyone know how to change it?


I am developing a completion contributor and i have the following issue:

When the lookupelement limit is exceeded, the suggestions are still shown to the user and i can select suggestions by navigating with the arrow keys. But: If i begin to type (to match a suggestion) the suggestion window is collapsing (for a split second you can see that the suggestionlist is rearranging and sorting for the key i entered). If the lookupelement limit isnt exceeded, everything works fine.

Is that a known issue or did i configure something wrong? 


Thanks in advance



(1) It is not possible to configure the limit for the user in default settings UI.

To do this programmatically in testing code (to make sure all variants are collected):

Registry.get("ide.completion.variant.limit").setValue(10000, getTestRootDisposable());

(2) It looks like expected behavior: if completion limit was exceeded, then the list doesn't contain all items, so on typing new characters the missing items should be added to the list, since the users might be searching for them, so all contributors are re-run with the new prefix.


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