Change default scope of search everywhere


The default scope is always "Project Files" when I use double-shift to search classes. How can I change the default scope to "All Places"?


"All places" scope is being enabled automatically in case there are no results for "Project files" scope. 


I noticed that. But is it possible to use "All places" by default?


May I know the reason for that? What is going to be achieved and what is the use case?


Sometimes I want to check source code of JDK or third-part library by using double-shift to search classes. It's common in my project to have classes with similar names to the ones I searched for while my project is big. In this case I only got result in my project. I think "All places" is what I want to use most of the time.


Feel free to create a feature request on with your use case described. 



I have the same request as Liaotianyi .  The IDEA should save the last used search option(e.g. "All Places") rather than reset to a default one.    I consider the current IDEA behavior is a bug.


The default becomes "All Places" from the latest EAP release. Please check.


Meanwhile, I'm the opposite. I almost NEVER want to use "All Places" (Maybe like a dozen times in over a decade of using IJ.) And I HATE it when it does All Places without me explicitly telling it to. So, so, so annoying.  :D 


I'm also the opposite, just like Jeffrey.

I've added my own custom scope for certain types of files that I only want to check the occurrences of what I'm searching for.
It's really annoying that I always have to change to my own scope that's last one in the list (lots of scrolling) for every single time I'm looking for references. 

I'll add this as a feature request. But I want to show others who have the same annoyance that they're not alone and it's a needed feature request.


Samuel Haggren

Feel free to share the link to YouTrack item here, so others could vote for it. 


I would also like to change default scope. Working with Angular or Ionic project result on searches on your generated code, which makes absolutely no sense and is incredibly slow. I would like to search always ONLY in my `src` directory, which is what I actually work on. I don't need to search in the code that `ng` generates (obviously). It is very annoying to have to change this setting on every single search.

By the way, not only when I search, also (and this is even more frequent and way more upsetting), when I want to rename a variable (usually only used in the same file I am working on, searched inside 3000+ autogenerated files).


Sorry, this might be a bit of a dumb question, although related to search scope, but how do you change the default tab from "All" to "Classes"? I mostly search for classes in that view and the All option brings way too much stuff making search sometimes very slow


For me it's not being remembered even between consecutive uses of the search bar. I'd like to set the default scope to "All Places" but I have to do it manually every time I do a search.

It's PhpStorm 2022.2.3, but I guess this functionality is shared between all Jetbrains IDEs.


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