AppCode swift code coverage fails. Malformed coverage data


Hi. I'm constantly getting a following error when trying to run with coverage in AppCode: 

Failed to process coverage data:

llvm-cov export tool failed with error:

error: (A list of my targets in the DerrivedData folder follows): Failed to load coverage: Malformed coverage data

error: Could not load coverage information

I'm using AppCode 2019.3.2. I had the same problem with a previous build. What could be the problem?

And a question #2. Why can't I select and copy text from that pop up? It disappears when I'm trying to select it. Is there a pane or a file where it gets logged?

Official comment

Build Log contains this data. You can find it by clicking the "Show Build Log" button in the left toolbar of the Messages tool window.

Could you please file a report in the tracker and attach Build Log and idea.log (you can find it via Help | Show Log in Finder). Also please try to run tests with code coverage in Xcode. Does it work?

Hi Olesya

Thanks for the tips on how to find the logs.

I've created a ticket

I can build the project with coverage in Xcode without any issues.


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