How to solve, "Application Server was not connected before run configuration stop" in IntelliJ Ultimate 2019.3? (Solved)


After I ran: sudo chmod -R 7777 /var/lib/tomcat9/conf to avoid the permission error message. I am started getting new error message:

Update 1:
After i changed /etc/tomcat9/server.xml line from <Server port="-1"> to port 8080. Now I am getting a new error message:

Update 2:

Changed HTTP port to 8080 inside Run/Debug Configuration.

**************** Problem solved for now ******************************************

Disto: Ubuntu 19.10


Could you please check this answer , and let me know, if it helps.



Like I mentioned the problem in the post I solved my problem mentioning how I solved it,


But the solving mechanism is not healthy. Having to give chmod 777 is a bad thing to do. And this (i,e File permission) issue was also solved as per the discussion I made here.

#SolvedForNow #CloseIt


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