Any benefit of using Webstorm vs Intellij Ultimate?


I know that feature-wise, there shouldn't be any (except for a small delay between when Webstorm comes out and Intellij is updated), or did something perhaps change?


But what about performance of having both programs open at the same time? Is it beneficial to have Java apps in Intellij and Web Apps in Webstorm? Does one option take memory than the other? What about stability and other aspects of the whole topic?


Idea Ultimate includes all WebStorm stuff, so, if you have Idea license already, purchasing WebStorm makes no sense (unless you need a lightweight IDE for web development only)

And, of course, 2 IDEs open at the same time will cause higher CPU and memory consumption than a single IDE


Elena Pogorelova There is no extra purchase (and thus no extra cost) if someone has the JetBrains All Products Pack. In that case, where someone has both, is there any advantage to using WebStorm vs IntelliJ IDEA, or vice versa?

Sounds like if everything someone needed for a particular project is available in WebStorm, then running it would be lighter weight (as you mention) and also more focused on a subset of technology/features - both of which could be advantages. Are those the only advantages? (Other than the (possible) delay between WebStorm feature updates migrating to IntelliJ as Igor, J mentioned.) 


>Are those the only advantages? 

Yes, these are the only advantages; release cycles are synchronized (IDEA is released in a day or 2 after WebStorm release) so there are no delays


Talking about performance Elena Pogorelova

you mentioned in 2020 Webstorm as lightweight. Does that mean WebStorm is generally more performant than Idea?


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