Joomla JText etc. undefined method ::_

With Joomla! Framework enabled, the JText method references to the wrong Class, intead of referencing to classmap.php like most of them do, it references to restore_finalisation.php which JText is there an abstract class and misses some Methods. On inspectation, then PhpStorm references to the abstract class instead of the right classmap. Is there a way to handle this, in settings maybe? Or can i do something else to reference to the right library?

The Component i am writing works just fine, Joomla handles it correct.

Also the Classes JFolder, JFile are affected

I am working on PhpStorm 2019.3.1
Build #PS-193.5662.63, built on December 19, 2019

Also installed with composer

"joomla/coding-standards": "2.0.0-rc3"

It could be a rough workaround but did you try to exclude (Mark as excluded) directory with a wrong class?


The File is not in my project, it is an external library

i don't see where i could do this, this way


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