Insert pair quote support for scala: is it possible to not treat single quote mark as 'quote'?

So in Scala there is a feature called 'Symbol', example:

df.where('id === 9)

Before version 2019.2, Intellij Idea treated double quotes as 'quote' but did not tread single quotes as 'quote'. It was convenient.

After version 2019.2 (or maybe 2019.3, I'm not sure), when I type a single quote, it automatically insert pair quote for me. The only way I know to prevent this is to disable the option `Insert pair quote` which disables the double quote enclosing as well.

I'm not sure if this is an issue (or maybe it is not an issue) of Intellij Idea itself, or the Scala plugin. Or maybe is because I'm using the community edition?

Thanks for the wonderful job, BTW^.^


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