Arrangement Code Style settings not triggering for HTML or Twig files

I've been experimenting with Code Style Arrangement settings for the first time. I have it working with PHP and SCSS so it appears to work in some cases. However, when I configure it for HTML I am unable to get any of the settings I have to take effect.

My settings are quite simple, just trying to order an "name:id" attribute and "name:class" attribute. I've toyed with having them ordered by name or keep their order. I've tried in both `.html` files and `.twig` files.

When I Reformat my code, it says everything is good, even if I have an "id" attribute after a "class" attribute.

What should I do to troubleshoot further here? I'm surely missing something but I'm not sure where to experiment next.

Does this feature work with Twig files? Would it work with Twig files if I set the Settings->Editor->File Types settings to recognize Twig files as .html? Any ideas welcome.





Not sure about Twig files (got to check this) but could you please "Code > Rearrange" instead of simply Reformat action?


What would cause the "Code > Rearrange" option to appear disabled in the dropdown menu? I see it if I have a PHP file active but it is disabled when I view a .html or .twig file in my project.



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