Datagrip suddenly loses all autocomplete and do not recognize code blocks

Hi experts,

I have no idea why, but suddenly autocomplete goes away and worse it doesn't recognize code block anymore. So if I Ctrl-Enter it does nothing instead of executing the code block. All schema and table names turn to white (instead of purple).

Also, when I type my code from scratch, it wraps all schema and table names with double quotes (like SELECT * FROM "schema"."table"). I suspect that it lost the schema information somehow, but refreshing doesn't help.

I can execute the code block if I manually select the lines and click on execute, but it's very slow.

Any idea how I can get it back? Can't work without those features. Thanks~~

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Hello, could you please send us logs (can be found under Help -> Show log in..) and a screenshot of entire DataGrip window with problem?

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Yuriy Vinogradov

Thanks. Somehow I managed to get everything back by rolling back to 2019.2. I think it pretty much fixes most of the problems (memory issue + Datagrip cannot take table columns for Impala) for 2019.3.

Thanks again for the help!


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