Can't type in html files, js files won't highlight, autocomplete do not work!

I am not sure why but i am not able to work with any html files, my js file won't highlight and autocomplete do not work. I was trying everything, i re-installed the webstorm, updated, re-created the project from the scratch, invalidate cache do not help, it's been 2 days i am trying to fix it but i am in the dead end. I am sending you in the zip all my files for the project i am working on with the logs in it, i also made a video where i am recording me typing on the keyboard and webstorm do not react to the inputs. If you need anything else, let me know.

Thank you

The log shows problems indexing files from db/bundles; try marking bundles folder excluded (Mark directory as/Excluded) then invalidate caches and restart - does the issue persist?


Hello Elena,

Thanks for the reply, i followed the instructions and it's seems to work but usually, after i do "invalidate caches and restart", the webstorm works fine for an hour or two and then the problem comes back. Anyway, for now i will keep working and if i will have the same issue with WS, i will let you know.


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