DataGrip does not execute all the SQL commands

I am selecting a set of SQL commands to execute against a RedShift DB.  DataGrip skips commands with no warnings or errors; it simply skips the execution of certain commands.  I'm trying to figure out why this occurs -- it's specifically truncate table, copy from S3, vacuum, and analyze commands.  It skips over them (no green check), executes only 'select' commands, skips over again, executes some more 'select' commands, and on.

If I select each skipped command individually and run them, they run fine without errors or warnings, and get their green checkmark.   So why are these commands being skipped when run as part of a larger set of commands?

This occurs regardless of whether I select some or all of the SQL in the editor and click Run, or right-click on the filename and Run (filename) that way .  DataGrip is 2019.3.1, built Dec 18, 2019.

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Hello, could you please give an example set of commands you executing?


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