Can I add a directory and SQL files to an empty project that has no modules - just some live Data Sources in the Database tab?


At this stage in my project, I'm not wanting to build an application, but I'd like to work with some SQL files under version control, as if IDEA were DataGrip.  in DataGrip, I'd attach a directory via the 'Files' tab.  in IDEA, there is no 'Files' tab, but the familiar 'Project' tab.  However because there are no modules, there isn't a 'root context' which will permit a right-click > New ... > Directory/File.  I'd add an 'SQL module' if there were one, but I haven't found one.  Have I missed something?

This question isn't urgent ... using DataGrip (now that I have enabled VCS functionality by installing the Git plugin) will do the job for now.


You can create new project in IDEA like 'Static Web', then create new folder inside and just copy-paste here entire folder with your SQL files. And now you can call VCS -> Enable Version Control Integration and set up repository where you want to store it.


Yep, that works ... 'static web' is an excellent 'unopinionated context for files'.  Thankyou.


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