Do not use directory import when available doesn't work


On my project we prefer index.js imports:

import {store} from '/src/redux/index.js';

over directory imports:

import {store} from '/src/redux/';

I want webstorm autoimport feature to use the first type of import.

I tried unchecking "Use directory import when index.js is available (node-style module resolution)" both in "Editor->Code Style -> JavaScript -> Imports" and "Editor->Code Style -> TypeScript -> Imports", reloaded Webstorm but it still adds import from directory, when I use autoimport :(

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This option only works if no path mappings (aliases) are there; please follow for updates

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Thank you for explanation :)

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Yes this is extremely annoying. It worked a few weeks ago and now someone changed something in one of our libraries and all the imports add `/index` to the end.
It's not a problem in VS code though. please fix this.

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Helo Joe Lloyd 22 24,

Your issue seems to be different. Any chance you could provide some additional information about it? What language is that (JS or TS)? What IDE version do you use? What is the state of the `Use directory import` option mentioned above? Would be great if you have provide a sample project to help us reproduce the problem.


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