Nodejs debugger sets break points on wrong location

Hi, I'm working on a node project (TypeScript)
we use webpack and HMR  every thing works fine ,but the debugger sets break points on the wrong files( the compiled  ones) this happens if we change the code and and update occurs , we need to restart the process again sometimes break points don't pause the execution

Is there any suggestion on solving this  issue? thanks :)
* update I tried the same project on chrome dev tools and ti worked there and the source map resolved the updated files to the  original once not on the patch updates

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Please can you elaborate on your setup? What does your project look like (frameworks, etc), what web server is it hosted on? Do you debug a client or server code?

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It was a Nestjs project , till now i don't know why it was doing this, but it worked with settings the devtool option to eval on Webpack config

It makes the project to fail with Type ORM migrations but have to toggle between source-map and eval from time to time , but at least  it works fine now



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