Presto DB Support. Password Prompt?



I am attempting to connect to a local PrestoDB db using DataGrip but having some troubles.

My PrestoDB instance does not require a password but no matter what I do, DataGrip prompts for credentials.

- Downloaded the presto JDBC driver: presto-jdbc-329.jar

- Created a new driver in DataGrip using this file

- Created a new data source using this driver and URL of: jdbc:presto://localhost:8080?user=ivan


Is there a problem connecting to databases that do not require a password? If I add a blank password, I get the error:

'Authentication using username/password requires SSL to be enabled'


Also I have tried using the same driver in a simple java class and it works fine, connecting to the same presto instance.




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You can either go to the Advanced tab and add the property "SSL" and set it to "true" or change your url to jdbc:presto://localhost:8080?SSL=true&user=ivan


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