Mapping directory from Windows do Docker on Linux

I try to configure PyCharm installed on Windows 10 to cooperate with Docker (upstream version 2019.3) installed in Hyper-V VM (Centos 7).
Docker daemon listens on TCP/IP socket ->I'm able to connect from PyCharm and see images/containers.

I have problem with path mappings.
I invalidated all caches, removed docker configurations, all interprets as same as running configuration.
I created simple project C:/test and file to demonstrate problem.
I'm not able to get content of c:/test to container -> execution fails.
Folder /test exists in VM but it's empty.

Please find attached printscreens with configuration.

here are snippets:
1) Docker mappings:
- Local path: /C/test
- Virtual machine path: /test
2) Project mappings for interpret:
Path mappins: /C/test -> /test
3) Container mappings: -v /test:/test

Strange thing is, that I'm not able to catch docker containers ID in journalctl (see err.png).

I checked documentation:
But I have no clue :(
Do you have ideas what's wrong?

thank you Jan

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updated prntscr with interpret settings:


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