Wired wrapping of long lines

I try to have PhpStorm set up so that a long (120+ chars) line like 

$Connections = $this->getFullConnections($MainSegmentConnections, $FirstMileRouteSegment, $LastMileRouteSegment);

Gets formatted like the following

$Connections = $this->getFullConnections(

But what PhpStorm does is

$Connections = 
$this->getFullConnections($MainSegmentConnections, $FirstMileRouteSegment, $LastMileRouteSegment);

Does someone know which code style option I have to set to have it like this?


Thank you!

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Hi there,

Please provide a code sample (a full file where it can be tested) + export of your Code Style (in XML format, not JSON) -- it usually easier to locate wrong setting that trying to figure out what you have to change in default.

Just share those files via Google Drive or alike.

P.S. You can also try create a new Code Style entry and apply"Set from -> PSR-2" to see the difference between yours and that one (that should be doing such formatting)


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