Questions about upload plugin for different version and different IDEs.


SolutionExplorerCustomization is only available for Rider. And ProjectViewNodeDecorator is for all the other IDEs.

And also, Android Studio is based 2019.2. So I have to upload one for 2019.2 for it.


Sorry, but I didn't catch your question. Do you ask, how to target your plugin to specific IDEs?

If so, please check the Plugins Targeting IntelliJ Platform-Based IDEs page.


It should be this link instead.

I have two version.

  1. One is for IDEA, PyCharm, Goland and all the other JetBrains IDEs except Rider.
  2. One is for Rider, because it uses SolutionExplorerCustomization instead of ProjectViewNodeDecorator .


  1. The first uses <depends>com.intellij.modules.lang</depends>. I want to just exclude the Rider.
  2. The second uses <depends>com.intellij.modules.rider</depends>. That's simple and exactly what I want.

Or for the first one. I have to add <depends></depends><depends>com.intellij.modules.python</depends>............?

It's very frustrated.


Yann Cebron Could you please help me with this post as well. Thank you.


Seto, please do not ping us repeatedly unless you wait for several days. Thanks.


Sorry. Because my previous post as you can see, it's not answered after 10 days. So I thought you guys won't read the answered post. That's why I ping for this post as well.


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