How to disable the Prepare Test Run tab in Messages?



I checked the `Auto-Hide and Show on Warning/Error` checkbox in the Messages window's config. And it works as expected while we are talking about `Build` tab. But when any new information is written in the `Prepare Test Run` tab (and this information is *always* written when a unit test has been started), the window appears. I've configured the Message window as Dock Pinned and every test run I have to hide it by Shift-Esc in order to not waste the screen space.

The information in this tab is not so important: just a report about filtering the tests and which tests will be executed. And my question is: is there any config option to make CLion consider the output in the `Prepare Test Run` window as info, not error or warning (and because these lines are written in black, I think CLion understands this is just info, not error and not warning) and do not show the Messages window? I've only found the following workaround: just remove the `Prepare Test Run` action from the Run configuration but this action is return after every restart of CLion and without it the unit tests won't be filtered, so the whole .exe file will be executed.


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