Project Specific Live Templates?

Hello all,
Is there a way to sync project specific Live Templates? From the research I have done I believe the answer is "sort of" but not project specific. Here is my use case: My team and I use JetBrains products and we are looking for a way to share project specific code snippets but keep them with the project. Specifically we are developing a set of components with a known set of API references. Because these components will evolve over time we wanted to keep project specific live templates with the project and check it in to the repo so that anyone working on the project has access to all the right live templates.

While I understand that we can use the repository settings to sync live templates it appears that it's all settings or nothing. That's not what we want. It also means that eventually the component API's will no longer match older projects and thus require manual lookup and defeat the point.

Sorry if that's a little vague, I am trying to be brief. I can elaborate my use case if it's necessary or helpful.

Thanks in advance

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Not currently possible:(

We have a ticket in our tracker to provide this functionality, please up vote it:

See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.



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