My touch bar don't show buttons and there is no entry for touch bar setting in Preference


I don't know why my CLion don't show buttons in touch bar. In the preference menu, there is no entry for touch bar setting (picture1). But my PyCharm can show them correctly and there exists an entry for touch bar setting (picture 2). What should I do to fix the problem?

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TouchBar is disabled by default in CLion 2019.3 because of To enable it back please go to Help | Edit Custom VM Options and add -Dide.mac.touchbar.use=true and restart IDE.

TouchBar will is enabled by default in CLion 2020.1 EAP.

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this appears to still be a problem in PyCharm 2020.1.2. Was this not fixed?

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FWIW, I noticed the IDE only checks for touch bar presence at start and if your touch bar is globally set to show F keys, IDE will detect is a normal keyboard with no touch bar.


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