Custom UI Theme Control Key for App Header (mac)



I'm creating a custom theme ( and am not able to find the proper key for the App Header (mac OS) - the one with minimize/close/maximize buttons and file name - to change its colors.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

A second key I'm not able to find is the autocomplete/suggestion popup... I have the feeling a tried every possible key but nothing did work.

Thanks in advance

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Hi Nicolas,

It's not possible to change the style of the App Header, because it's drawn by OS, not IDE itself.

Regarding the autocompletion, you can invoke it when typing the key name in your JSON file.

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Hi know how to invoke the auto completion. The question was what key does the background of the auto completion have. I want to change it but I'm not able to find it.


And for the App header, there is already a difference between Light Theme and Darcula Theme. But it is not "publically changeable" ?

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ok solved it. Originally there was a property called "CompletionPopup.background" but this is deprecated and instead used with the editor scheme with the following xml attribute

<option name="DOCUMENTATION_COLOR" value="003f5e" />

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