PhpStorm can't find declaration to go for vendor classes

After composer install, phpstorm can'f go to declaration of vendor classes. I already invalidated cache, but it's not help


Standart php functions, classes are not autocompleted. Class functions and fields not autocompled too


Please check if you have anything from vendor directory added to "Languages & Frameworks | PHP > Include path".


Yes, all vendor packages are in included path. Bug discovered in the 2020.1 EAP but not in 2019.3 


It's hard to say without having a look at the project. Could you please upload it (or its stub) somewhere including the .idea directory?
Generally, there are no similar reports so far.


Couldn't find .idea folder at the root of the project :/


What files should we look into?

There appears to be no files that would extend Kernel class as seen on screenshot


Oh, my bad, look at CureDisease.php, for example


Looks well on my end:

Try to delete the .idea folder while PhpStorm is closed. The folder is definitely there, your system might hide folders that start with dot sign in file explorer. So you can try to delete it using terminal/console.


Deleted .idea folder, then open project, invalidate caches and created new project from same git repo. 


Not reproducible for me either on the above project and most recent 2020.1 EAP.

By the way, what exact build do you have installed? Is there any chance that you store this project on a network share/symlinked directory?



Nope, this is my local machine


Tried to reinstall phpstorm with toolbox, but all goes the same


Since we can't reproduce the issue, it is really hard to say what is going on over there.
Please create a support ticket and share the logs bundle (Help | Compress Logs and Show in…) within it, alongside with an archive of the project that would include the .idea folder as well.


I've got the same issue, from a mac (Catalina). Thought it might have been a case sensitivity thing, but I've tried with both versions of that configuration. Notably I had to recreate the file after upgrading to 2020.1


scratch that, changing the value to recognize the case sensitive filesystem fixed the problem for me. I had to clear the caches. 

I'm using intellij but the behavior was the same

Steps to resolve:

From menu

Help->Edit custom properties.    (create if it does not exist)


Add "

File->Invalidate caches and restart


Same issue on Ubuntu 20.04 with 2021.2.3. Changing case sensitivity and clearing caches worked for me. Thank you, that was driving me insane!


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