No intellisense referencing angular 9 Ivy library

Since updating to angular 9, referencing a workspace library no longer yields intellisense in our html templates making this ide currently useless.

I created a new ng9 workspace with app and library and get the same - note that Ivy is enabled for the library.

I made a further test - disabling ivy just on the library fixes the issue. Obviously this is pointless.


"angularCompilerOptions": {
"enableIvy": false



Can't reproduce with a new Angular 9 workspace.

Please can you provide exact steps to follow/share a workspace the issue can be reproduced with?



you need to enable Ivy in tsconfig.lib.json

and then create a reference to a library component in the app project

I have a partial fix by following the steps in the post - this is certainly better than not having ivy enabled at all


>you need to enable Ivy in tsconfig.lib.json

Did it:


>then create a reference to a library component in the app project


it's a new workspace created with ng new, ng -v gives

Angular CLI: 9.0.0
Node: 13.6.0
OS: win32 x64

Ivy Workspace:

Package Version
@angular-devkit/architect 0.900.0
@angular-devkit/core 9.0.0
@angular-devkit/schematics 9.0.0
@schematics/angular 9.0.0
@schematics/update 0.900.0
rxjs 6.5.3


Have you already updated your registry to use new ng metadata?

The post is describing exactly this behaviour, so it appears its a known issue.


I do have angular.enableIvyMetadataSupport turned on - but actually I can see no errors when referencing the library even if it's off

The blog describes known limitations, it doesn't say that libraries are not recognized at all with Ivy enabled



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