How to store run-configs in vcs for a PyCharm project using multiple python interpreters (or venvs)


I have a python PyCharm project that uses different python interpreters in its run-configs. I want to share these run-configs via a VCS. For run-configs using the project default interpreter it is not a problem. But if a different interpreter is selected, my run_config.xml, which I share via git, contains an absolute path of my local machine.

<option name="SDK_HOME" value="D:\pypy\pypy2-v5.10.0-win32\pypy.exe" />

Is there a way to solve this issue?

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Unfortunately, there is no such functionality in the PyCharm in the meantime. 


This feature request partially covers your idea please vote for it order to increase priority. 


Also, you are welcome to submit a new one  at

Information on how to use YouTrack:




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