Shift+arrow keys.

How do I get shift+arrow keys to work the way it works in every other application on the planet? when I hold shift and press the up key I want the cursor to go up and highlight a line. when I press shift and the right key I want it to highlight a single character, just like it does everywhere else.

I have probably made things worse by googling solutions and changing random options that don't work.



"shift+arrow keys" works for me exactly how you expect it to work. It is default shortcut, please see


What Keymap is set in your IDE

Please try to find Action by Shortcut and see what is assigned on  ⇧↑ ?  Aldo, It is worth trying to reset settings to default or assing "Up/Down with Selection" manually. 





For posterity, I ran into this today and had accidentally enabled Column Selection Mode. You can see the key mapping in Keymap under Editor > Column Selection Mode (default Alt+Shift+Ins).


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