What is your way to switch development between computers?


I mean the case you want to develop the same project switching between, say, workstation and laptop at the case you can not use external sync point (sever).


I have thought about (and am going to try) just synchronizing project dirs including .git/, .idea/ and *.iml  but excluding target/ and such with, say, SyncThing or similar tool (and, probably it is a good idea to use the same project root dir on both filesystems for such sync).


But what is your way?


P.S. Linux is used everywhere if it does matter.

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Hello Andrew,

If there is no external server then there is only one way - copy full project folder (excluding output and generated files/folders) from one machine to another.

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Yaroslav, hi!


Yes, I have mentioned just this way you are saying about (SyncThing replicates folders directly p2p). Just want to be sure such sync is legal (valid, correct) from the IDE perspective. That is to be sure an IDE project dir is completely self-contained.

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Yes, project folder sync is legal.


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