How to write a PyCharm extension to convert an unsupported type?

I noticed PyCharm doesn't yet have proper support for `typing_extensions`, specifically `Final` type. For example, I have code that returns `Final[Foo]`. The problem is autocompletion is broken on such an instance variable, where it doesn't know to prompt fields for `Foo`.

I want to write an extension to process all `Final[Foo]` into `Foo`. Is this possible?


Example code to repro:


#!/usr/bin/env python3

from typing_extensions import Final

class Foo:
x: int
y: str

foo: Foo = None
foo.x # autocomplete works

foo2: Final[Foo] = None
# autocomplete does NOT work:

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Could you provide code example to reproduce the issue?

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Hi Andrey, example is provided in the updated post above.

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It seems the issue does not reproduce in PyCharm 2019.3.3:

What version are you using? Does it reproduce in the latest?


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