Nonsensical logic from file delete

  1. Hitting the Delete key on a selected file does nothing.
  2. Right-clicking a file sometimes shows a Delete option but other times puts it in Refactor and sometimes shows it as Safe Delete.
  3. The delete behavior doesn't automatically check for references then show a warning if any exist.
  4. Any check for references doesn't seem to care where the file is actually located.

Maybe #4 is okay, but the rest just seem unnecessary, and because of that, are annoying.


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How it should work:

  • The Delete key should initiate the delete sequence.
  • The delete sequence checks for file references.
  • If any references are found, a warning pops up.
  • If no warning is necessary or the user chooses to continue delete (with whatever options are selected), then the file is deleted.

The current behavior is a bit overly-careful just because all file changes are stored in local history (right-click top-level project directory, select Local History).

I'm just sayin'... things could be smarter and less work.


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